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Automobilwoche | Lennart Wermke | May 25, 2023
German Press

Volkswagen holt sich Hilfe von Apex AI

auto motor sport | Luca Leicht | May 25, 2023
German Press

Moia setzt auf Open-Source-Software von Apex.AI

AutomotiveIT | Fabian Pertschy | May 25, 2023
German Press

Apex.AI hilft Volkswagen bei autonomen Shuttles

Hanser Automotive | Susanne Hartenstein | May 25, 2023
German Press

MOIA setzt auf Software von Apex.AI für die Entwicklung des Passagiermanagements

Forbes | Ed Garsten | May 25, 2023
US Press

Apex.AI Operating System To Run Volkswagen Robo Ridepooling Vans

electrek | Scooter Doll | May 25, 2023
US Press

VW's rideshare arm using Apex.AI software to enable autonomous robotaxis using ID.Buzz EVs

Inside Autonomous Vehicles | Kevin Jost | May 25, 2023
US Press

MOIA taps Apex.AI for better AV passenger management

May 25, 2023
Apex.AI Press Releases

Autonomous driving: MOIA counts on Apex.AI software for Passenger Management Development

Automobilwoche | Lennard Wermke | May 17, 2023
German Press

Waymo und Cruise sind Lichtjahre voraus

Hankyung | Jin-Seok Choi | May 9, 2023
South Korean Press

[인터뷰] 얀 베커 "한국은 글로벌 톱3 자동차 강국…지사 세워 협력 나설 것"

IT Chosen | Lee Kwang-young | May 9, 2023
South Korean Press

한국 지사 출범한 Apex.AI, 차량용 SW 생태계 확장 나서
Apex.AI launched office in South Korea with expansion SW ecosystems for automotive

Hankook Ilbo | Choi Yeon-jin | May 9, 2023
South Korean Press

로봇과 차량용 자율주행 기술 개발하는 에이펙스AI, 한국 상륙
Apex AI, which develops autonomous driving technology for robots and vehicles, lands in Korea

Yonhap News | 임기창 기자 | May 9, 2023
South Korean Press

모빌리티 SW 선도기업 에이펙스에이아이 한국지사 설립
Apex AI, a leading mobility software company establishes a Korean branch

MyNavi News | Kenji Tsuda | May 2, 2023
Japanese Press

SDK to accelerate software-defined car realization, provided by Apex.AI, U.S.

Korea Economic Daily | Jin-Seok Choi | May 9, 2023
South Korean Press

에이펙스에이아이, 판교에 韓 지사 설립…노성범 한국지사장 선임
Apex AI establishes Korean branch in Pangyo, Appointment of Korean branch manager Noh Sungbeom

News & Chips | Kenji Tsuda | May 9, 2023
Japanese Press

Apex.AI who accelerates SDV, launches an official entity in Japan.

AEM | Sang Min Han | May 9, 2023
South Korean Press

Apex.AI, SDV 위한 ROS의 진화
Apex.AI the Evolution of ROS for SDV

May 9, 2023
Apex.AI Press Releases

Software-defined vehicle company Apex.AI launches office in South Korea

April 4, 2023
Apex.AI Press Releases

Mobility and automotive software company Apex.AI launches full-scale business expansion in the Japanese market, expanding its international footprint to Asia

March 16, 2023
Apex.AI Press Releases

Infineon and Apex.AI are integrating AURIX™ TC3x microcontroller and Apex.Grace to expedite software-defined vehicle development

Die Welt | Dominik Hoberg | February 15, 2023
German Press

Filme schauen während der Fahrt? So weit ist das autonome Fahren wirklich

Blick | Wolfgang Gomoll/Press-Inform | February 12, 2023
German Press

Der Weg ist noch weit

Automobilwoche | Dominik Hoberg/dpa | February 11, 2023
German Press

Wie weit das Autonome Fahren ist und wem es nutzt

Handelsblatt | Dominik Hoberg/dpa | February 10, 2023
German Press

Was die Automatisierung für den Verkehr bedeutet

EEJ | Max Maxfield | January 24, 2023
US Press

Why Will Tomorrow’s Cars Be Like Today’s Smartphones?

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