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Customer Success Story 



In the ever-evolving landscape of mobility, innovation is the key to unlocking new possibilities. MOIA, a prominent player in the field, embarked on a journey to redefine Mobility as a Service (MaaS), and its path was paved with daunting challenges. With the unwavering support of Apex.AI, MOIA not only overcame these challenges but set a new standard for the industry.

Emphasizing the need for portability and abstraction

MOIA faced a multifaceted challenge: rapidly developing an embedded Maas.OS (Mobility as a Service OS) for an autonomous ride-sharing system. Emphasizing the need for portability and abstraction, the aim was to enable the reuse of the same application across diverse hardware and various vehicles, while ensuring safety measures akin to those posed by elements like automatic sliding doors, seat belt monitoring, and vehicle diagnostics, with a steadfast commitment to rigorous safety standards.


Image Source: MOIA - VW ID BUZZ


Together, we've set a new standard for the industry

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Dr. Ralf Sigmund


"MOIA's journey to redefine mobility was marked by unprecedented challenges. With Apex.AI by our side, we met these challenges head-on and exceeded our own expectations. Together, we've set a new standard for the industry."

With the expertise of Apex.AI, MOIA embraced an agile development to swiftly build their embedded software, ensuring the support of different hardware and other vehicles for future-proof MaaS ECU and MaaS OS. Within just one month, the initial software was up and running. This was made possible through ROSIDL (Interface description language), which allowed MOIA to adapt message definitions independently and flexibly to evolving project requirements.


MOIA leveraged Apex.Ida's capabilities to establish seamless communication across different partitions, including Android, Linux, and QNX. With its developer-friendly API, Apex.Ida simplifies interconnecting these diverse platforms, significantly enhancing MaaS OS interoperability and overall usability. Apex.AI's SOME/IP and MQTT connectors facilitated smooth communication with the vehicle functionality and MOIA's backend, ensuring essential information exchange for vehicle operation. The integration with the SDS (Self-Driving System) provider was made effortless, whether through the standard vehicle protocol SOME/IP or via cloud connections using MQTT.


Apex.OS empowers MOIA's developers to build automotive applications quickly. This was achieved through modern software development methodologies. Apex.OS also enabled the development of automotive-grade diagnostic interfaces for effective communication with the software.


The timeline far outpaced traditional automotive development

Dejan - Apex.AI .png

Dejan Pangercic

CTO at Apex.AI 

"At Apex.AI, we believe in revolutionizing speed through advanced software development. Collaborating with MOIA to overcome complex hurdles and pioneer new possibilities has been inspiring."

In just one year, MOIA has achieved a nearly production-ready implementation of their software, a remarkable feat considering the project's complexity. This timeline far outpaced traditional automotive development, even with several architectural changes. The collaboration between MOIA and Apex.AI has been invaluable. The integration of Apex.Grace and Apex.Ida into the Maas.OS use cases and the harmonious partnership between the teams have yielded remarkable success. MOIA's MaaS product now greatly integrates with vehicle functions, offering a user-friendly experience in record time. MOIA's team demonstrated exceptional adaptability, turning obstacles into stepping stones to progress.

Mohamed Harp MOIA.jpg

Mohamed Harb, Director of Engineering at MOIA

"With Apex.AI's expertise, we swiftly developed a hardware-agnostic Maas.OS, integrating complex vehicle functionalities and ensuring cabin safety. The Close day-to-day cooperation with Apex.AI’s team was of great help to integrate and test our MaaS product bringing it to street.”


Image Source: MOIA - VW ID BUZZ

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