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A middleware journey from microcontrollers

to microprocessors

More and more modern automotive systems move to powerful, centralized POSIX systems instead of AUTOSAR Classic-based microcontrollers. Porting established software architectures leads to systems that suffer from poor performance.


Your takeaways from this white paper:


  • Where AUTOSAR Classic and ROS 2 differ in execution and communication.

  • The pitfalls that lead to poor performance.

  • The mechanisms provided by Apex.OS and Apex.Middleware to address the performance issues.

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AUTOSAR adaptive on zero-copy steroids​

Discover how the inter-process communication for Automotive ECUs can be realized with the open-source middleware Eclipse iceoryx™, and more on the extensions provided with Apex.Middleware that enables the usage of iceoryx in safety-critical systems.


Your takeaways from this white paper:

  • How iceoryx has evolved to an open-source middleware during the AUTOSAR Adaptive standardization.

  • How iceoryx can be integrated into automotive communication stacks.

  • The benefits of iceoryx and the extensions made to it in Apex.Middleware.

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Real-time LIDAR object detection on embedded hardware — from open-source projects to production-grade implementation​

Learn how our partner driveblocks benefits from the lower and more predictable latency on their LIDAR perception stack by integrating with Apex.OS.


Your takeaways from this white paper:

  • How driveblocks’ LIDAR perception stack built on top of Apex.OS can outperform others.

  • Why Apex.OS - a fork from ROS 2 is the perfect match for the task of lowering data transport latency.

  • What implementations on Apex.OS and Apex.Middleware leads to lower latency.

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