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Apex.AI is youngest company to win 2024 Automotive News PACE Award

Detroit / Palo Alto, April 30, 2024 — Apex.AI became the youngest company to win an Automotive News PACE Award in the 29-year history of this prestigious industry honor.* Apex.AI was named a PACE Award winner at an event last night in Detroit for its superior innovation, technological advancement, and business performance.  


Apex.AI develops safety-certified and scalable middleware software solutions for a host of mobility applications, enabling a faster transition to software-defined vehicles and software-defined mobility.


“At only six years old, we believe Apex.AI is the youngest company — excluding spinoffs and joint ventures — to ever win a PACE award,” said Jamie Butters, executive editor of Automotive News. “Apex.AI earned this recognition from our distinguished judges for its ability to deploy software mobility solutions quickly, safely and across multiple applications and industries.”


The 29th annual PACE Awards were presented by Automotive News. The competition was open to suppliers that contribute products, processes, materials, or services directly to the manufacture of cars or trucks. The Automotive News PACE Award is accepted around the world as the industry benchmark for innovation.


“Having helped start the software-defined vehicle industry 25 years ago, it’s very gratifying to receive this prestigious recognition,” said Jan Becker, founder and CEO of Apex.AI. “Our mission is to improve the safety, efficiency and convenience of mobility by enabling a faster transition to software-defined vehicles and mobility. This recognition is for all the hard working, mission-driven team at Apex.AI, who serve our customers so well every day.”


For the last 25 years, Jan Becker has shaped autonomous driving, robotics systems development and software-defined vehicles. One of the original authors of the SAE autonomy levels, Becker holds more than 50 automotive patents. His research and scholarly articles on autonomous vehicles and automotive software have thousands of citations.


Recent Apex.AI success stories include:

  • Brunswick Corporation: Apex.AI is providing software solutions to the world’s leading recreational marine company to integrate safety-certified products with Brunswick’s autonomous solutions ecosystem as part of its ACES (Autonomy, Connectivity, Electrification, Shared Access) strategy. The software from Apex.AI enables the seamless integration of these systems in vessels equipped with autonomous technology and improves the boating experience across a range of applications.

  • MOIA: Developing the proprietary passenger management system for the autonomous VW ID Buzz for the Volkswagen MOIA ride-pooling service.

  • AGCO, Apex.AI enabled AGCO, a global leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of agricultural machinery and precision ag technology, to shorten R&D timelines to deliver smart agricultural solutions for the future of highly automated farming.

  • KRONE, and LEMKEN, Apex.AI is helping develop commercial-ready autonomous farming systems with KRONE, a manufacturer of agricultural machinery and precision agricultural technology, and LEMKEN, a company that manufactures innovative machines for tillage, sowing and sustainable plant care. The 'Combined Powers' concept vehicle is an autonomous drive unit that acts as a smart system that can plow, cultivate, sow, mow, turn and swath. The companies are now transitioning the concept carrier vehicle from the prototype stage to series production by leveraging Apex.AI’s Software Development Kit (SDK).


Apex.AI earned an Automotive News PACE Award following an extensive review by an independent panel of judges including a comprehensive written application and a virtual site visit. 

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About Apex.AI

Apex.AI is an international developer of safety-certified base software, enabling a faster transition to software-defined vehicles and software-defined mobility. The company’s software products are based on proven open-source software, such as ROS or Eclipse iceoryx. Through a proprietary process, we add what is necessary to support commercial and safety-critical applications such as functional safety, real-time determinism and flawless performance. The company's flagship product is Apex.Grace, an automotive-grade, real-time, reliable software development kit. Apex.AI’s headquarters is located in Palo Alto, CA, USA, with offices in Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart in Germany, Gothenburg in Sweden, Tokyo in Japan and Pangyo in South Korea. To date, Apex.AI has raised over $75 million USD from world-class venture, financial and strategic investors, including AGCOAirbus VenturesCanaanContinental AGDaimler TruckHELLA VenturesJaguar Land Rover’s InMotion VenturesLightspeedOrillionToyota VenturesVolvo Group Venture Capital and ZF.


*according to existing records and excluding spinoffs and joint ventures

For complete details of the Automotive News PACE Award, visit

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