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Customer Success Story 


*Voyage was aquired by GM Cruise in 2021 

An innovative autonomous driving mission


The Villages, a retirement community where Voyage operates robotaxis.

Image: Voyage

Oliver Cameron, Voyage

Oliver Cameron, Co-Founder & CEO, Voyage

“Voyage and Apex.AI have a shared vision for autonomous mobility, and we share roots in the community of academia and R&D that make this possible. Voyage has made significant strategic investments in developing a modern software and AI stack. Apex.AI has been a true partner in developing the underlying framework that makes our innovation possible.”

A modern, safe architecture for robotaxis

Software architectures for a modern autonomous system support modular software components that can scale to run multiple types of concurrent AI workloads on a high-performance computer system, monitoring such components to detect and react to failures in real-time. Using Apex.OS as the framework enables that and provides a suite of excellent tooling for developers to design, debug and tune the implementation, and deploy it as a safety-certified system. Apex.OS runs on any hardware, RTOS, and middleware platform, allowing developers to port applications easily while retaining the valuable characteristics of real-time performance and safety-certifiability.

The Voyage robotaxi executing a maneuver with several vehicles and obstacles.

Video: Voyage

Eric Gonzalez,  Co-founder, Voyage

Eric Gonzalez,

Co-Founder, Voyage

“Apex.OS provides us a path to safety certification of a complex, distributed system that executes perception, prediction, planning and control needed for an autonomous robotaxi. Building on Apex.OS, our self-driving AI for point-to-point driving can exceed the safety of a human driver. Apex.OS allows our engineering team to focus on developing the algorithmic and AI components that make the Voyage robotaxi experience unique.”


The Voyage fleet with multiple lidars, radars, and cameras that help the vehicles avoid obstacles and drive autonomously.

Image: Voyage

A real-time framework connecting sensors to AI

Voyage’s self-driving system has a diverse set of sensors, orchestrated with a custom-built high-performance onboard computer. The performance and safety of the state-of-the-art self-driving stack depend on the safety-certified real-time Apex.OS framework. Apex.OS features, development tools, and extensive guidelines for developing real-time, deterministic systems in modern C++ allow users to design high-performance systems capable of reaching ASIL-D, the highest level of ISO 26262 automotive safety certification.

Screen Shot 2021-03-13 at 2.37.41 PM.png

Davide Bacchet,

VP of Engineering, Voyage

“In 2020, we launched the third-generation robotaxi. In two years since the previous generation, we were able to achieve production-ready quality while cutting the cost in half. Such an amazing increase in efficiency, along with higher quality and safety, was made possible by a scalable approach to software development using Apex.OS. The professional support from experienced automotive software and safety experts at Apex.AI helped in making important design decisions that enable our engineering team to deliver innovative, customer-focused products.”


Focusing on retirement communities, Voyage introduced a robotaxi service where it is needed the most. AI innovations evolve along with the unique business model and infrastructure needed for this promising use-case.

The third-generation vehicle has a custom-built high-performance computer that runs Apex.OS.

Image: Voyage 

Clocking safe

autonomous miles


Lyle Johnson, 

In Charge of Product Management


“Supporting Voyage in developing a full-stack autonomous vehicle has been a great experience for the Apex.AI team. In 2020, we released the world’s first ROS 2 based safety-certified framework, and Voyage built its first production-ready robotaxi with it. Voyage was acquired by Cruise on March 15, 2021, to join forces to deliver a safer, cleaner, and more accessible transportation alternative. Our congratulations go to Oliver and the team!”

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Voyage robotaxis serve users in retirement communities.

Image: Voyage 

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