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ROS 2 on Self-driving Cars

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

This week our friends at Open Robotics released ROS 2 Dashing. ROS 2 D is the first ROS 2 LTS release and thereby a significant milestone for ROS 2. We expect that most ROS 1 users will now switch to ROS 2 within the next year.

The Autoware Foundation has now released Autoware.Auto, the world's first open-source autonomous driving stack built from scratch on ROS 2. In addition to rebuilding Autoware on ROS 2 APIs, we are also redesigning the Autoware application architecture from scratch in a clean and structured way based on 4 years of experience running Autoware.AI on ROS 1. We have described how to transition software from ROS 1 to ROS 2 here. Autonomous valet parking will be the first reference application for Autoware.Auto to be addressed in 2019 and the Foundation plans to extend the stack to additional use cases in the future. Please join the Autoware.Auto

on Gitlab and developer forum on Discourse!

Apex.AI and Tier IV have now contributed a ROS 2 based 3D perception library for automotive applications to Autoware.Auto, which is shown in this short video.

In addition, Apex.AI is building Apex.OS*, which is API-compatible to ROS 2, runs in hard real-time and is being certified to the highest level of the automotive safety norm ISO 26262 (ASIL-D). We have described how to build robust software for safety critical applications with Apex.OS* in this post.

Thanks for loving ROS 2 and Autoware!

*As of January 2023 we renamed our products: Apex.Grace was formerly known as Apex.OS, and Apex.Ida was formerly known as Apex.Middleware.



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