Safe and certified software for autonomous mobility.

We enable automotive developers to implement complex AI software.

We enable AI developers to implement safety-critical applications.

Safe and certified software
framework for autonomous
mobility systems.
Building blocks for autonomy.
Safe and certified.

Our Products




A powerful, configurable,

and extensible data

management platform


Our Services

We are experts in

  • Using modern C++ to build real-time software for safety-critical systems

  • Using modern software engineer practices

  • Functional safety design for complex
    real-time software

We can help you lead the race to commercialization by

  • Analyzing your current automotive or robotic software systems to assess a path to commercialization

  • Transitioning your existing software to Apex.OS

  • Transitioning your existing environment to a
    state-of-the-art continuous integration, continuous testing, continuous delivery frameworks


  • Providing software architecture reviews
    and recommendations


  • Providing functional safety training to enable
    your team to build your safe autonomous system


Meet The Team

Our people are our secret sauce. In over 20 years of experience, we’ve seen the power of different perspectives. We think collaboration, openness, and diversity beats individualism. We have assembled an awesome team to tackle the challenge to provide the mobility industry with the safe and certified software. We work hard and with passion and are 100% committed to excellence in all aspects.

Apex.AI is a proud supporter of Open Robotics, ROS and ROSCon, the Autoware Foundation and Autoware.Auto, as well as Silicon Valley Robotics.

Board of Directors

Our Team

Our Advisors



For product inquiries, contact info@apex.ai

For media inquiries, see Media Kit or contact media@apex.ai

For career inquiries, contact joseph.yeh@apex.ai

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