Safe and certified software framework 

for autonomous mobility systems.


Apex.OS abstracts complexity of underlying hardware,

middleware, kernel, interfaces, and drivers into simple to use,

robust, reliable, safe, secure APIs.

Apex.OS is a fork of ROS 2 that has been made real-time, reliable, and deterministic, so that it can be used in safety-critical applications.

Apex.OS is developed in sync with future releases of ROS 2 and APIs stay compatible to ROS 2.

Apex.OS is being certified according to the automotive functional safety standard ISO 26262 as a Safety Element out of Context (SEooC) up to ASIL D.

Apex.OS addresses all safety-critical mobility applications

Automated Passenger Cars


Automated Trucking

Autonomous Logistics

Shuttle Vehicles




Automated Bus



Apex.OS provides

01. First class C and C++ APIs for application developers, which are compatible to ROS 2.

02. Hardware SOC abstraction, runs on x86 and ARM, freedom of choice of SOC.

03. Middleware abstraction, simplifies use of complex middleware interfaces.

04. Automotive production code quality through elimination of all unsafe code constructs.

05. Hard real-time execution and real-time logging of data.

06. Fully deterministic software execution.

07. System safety enabled through managed nodes with lifecycle management.

08. System security through HSM support, process level security, encryption, authentication.

09. Complete documentation including examples, tutorials, design articles.

10. Support for automotive hardware, i.e. ECUs and automotive sensors.

11. Functional safety certification (ISO 26262, SEooC, up to ASIL D).

12. Generation and shipping of securely signed binaries.

13. Awesome Development Environment and Tools (software developers  it). 

14. 24/7 customer support.

Apex.OS supports input from automotive sensors 

Apex.OS runs on automotive ECUs and supports automotive bus systems



Building blocks for autonomy. Safe and certified.



Apex.Autonomy is a fork of Autoware.Auto that has been made so robust and reliable that it can be used in safety-critical applications.

Apex.Autonomy is developed in sync with future releases of Autoware.Auto and APIs stay compatible to Autoware.Auto.

Apex.Autonomy is certifiable according to the automotive functional safety standard ISO 26262 as a Safety Element out of Context (SEooC).

Perception, Localization, Planning, and Control 

3D Perception 

Localization to be released in the future

Planning to be released in the future

Control to be released in the future

01. Designed from the ground up with production and ISO 26262 certification in mind.

02. Implements proven, state-of-the art robotics algorithms. 

03. CPU bound on x86_64 and amd64 architectures.

04. A variety of LiDAR sensors already integrated and tested.

05. Well-defined interfaces allow for easy integration with any existing autonomy stack.

06. Hard real-time: tested to produce results in a given timespan and static memory.

07. Complete documentation including examples, tutorials, design articles.

08. Fully tested: complete line, branch, and condition coverage, integration tests.

09. Written in C++, easy to use.

10. Runs and tested on Linux, Linux RT, QNX, Windows, OSX.

11. 24/7 customer support.



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