Women in Robotics

July 21, 2022 5 pm CET and 






Performance Test: A latency and performance testing tool for ROS 2 middleware

ROS 2 is a rather heterogeneous and complex system that depends on several components. Recently we have seen multiple attempts to create performance reports in ROS 2 that were plainly incorrect or largely incomplete. In this talk, we first explain the terminology relevant for performance testing, emphasizing the parameters that influence the performance of ROS 2 the most.

Camera stack on Apex.OS (Safety Certified ROS2) using iceoryx zero copy


Have you ever faced system freezes and shutdowns when processing large amounts of data? Specifically, image processing algorithms like deep neural network based object detection and semantic segmentation in autonomous driving applications are very demanding in terms of data transfer rate and processing power.

In this talk, we show how to efficiently implement a computer vision pipeline using Apex.OS (a safety certified fork of ROS2) which utilizes zero-copy optimizations on the middleware level to reduce bandwidth requirements. In addition, we use hardware accelerated versions of the algorithms to increase the throughput. We also explain how to abstract this hardware acceleration in the application code to decouple it from the underlying SoC.