Doing Real-Time with ROS 2:

Capabilities and Challenges


Deterministic behavior is crucial for many aspects of successful robot systems; from industrial welding robots following an exact path deterministically for consistent production quality, to safety-critical robots deployed in missions such as drone package delivery, autonomous driving or warehouse conveyance. This workshop will introduce participants to the on-going work to make ROS 2 usable as a foundation for soft, firm and hard real-time robot systems. Participants will learn what the current capabilities are of ROS 2 for real-time robotics, what still remains to be done, and how they can contribute to making ROS 2 usable in these applications.





Specific representative applications (use cases) that are driving the real-time ROS 2 work, and modifications to these or additional use cases proposed by workshop participants.


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Dependencies in ROS 2 for soft, firm, and hard real-time, including hardware platforms, operating systems, networking stacks, supporting libraries, and more.


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Proposed hardware to be used by the working group, including how ROS 2 interacts with that hardware to support real-time operation, why that hardware was selected, and the requirements of workshop participants with regards to hardware.


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The relationship between real-time and safety-critical systems. Processes, tools, methods, and recommendations to go from a real-time system to a safety-certified one.


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Execution in ROS 2 - Determinism (or lack thereof), performance, and the way forward.


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An introduction to open-source and commercial tools that can be used to prove, evaluate, and debug real-time aspects in ROS 2 environments.

(Benjamin Goldschmidt, Silexica GmbH)

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Work that remains to be done before ROS 2 is usable in a real-time robot system, as well as work that is non-essential but would improve the usefulness of ROS 2 in such systems.





Ingo Lütkebohle

Bosch Research

David Crawley

Ubiquity Robotics

Geoff Biggs

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