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Axle, the first Autoware.Auto release is here!

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Autoware.Auto has just released Axle, the first redesign and reimplementation of Autoware.AI based on ROS 2.

The project is led by Tier IV's Geoffrey Biggs and our own Esteve Fernandez , and was made possible with contributions from Apex.AI, TierIV, Linaro, Silexica and many others.

Autoware.Auto is a production-oriented open-source stack for autonomous driving, with full documentation and an extensive test suite. In the coming months, Autoware.AI will integrate with Autoware.Auto, and more features will be ported from Autoware.AI to Autoware.Auto.

This Autoware.Auto Axle release contains the following features and algorithms. All are implemented to be real-time-ready and have deterministic execution profiles, if given a real-time foundation.

  • High-performance ROS 2 driver for the Velodyne VLP-16

  • Hungarian assigner

  • Ray ground classifier

  • Voxel grid downsampling

  • Kalman filter

  • Point cloud fusion

Head over to the Autoware GitLab page for instructions on how to download, build, and install Autoware.Auto and join the community discussions on Autoware Discourse to learn more and keep in touch with the community.



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