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Apex.OS* 1.2 Release

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

We are excited to announce the release of Apex.OS* 1.2!

You asked for more open-source support and we delivered in spades! Apex.OS* 1.2 extends support to Eclipse Cyclone DDS and Real Time Linux, adding to the list of middleware and RTOS options that Apex.OS* already supports. Now it’s possible to develop on a fully open-source middleware + RTOS combination that supports the complex, real-time needs of autonomous driving. Combined with open source Autoware.Auto, getting to an autonomy prototype with perception, planning, and control has never been easier.

Our customers who are closer to deploying autonomous capabilities need the framework to help optimize performance on automotive-grade processors (ECUs). To enable them, we made a few key improvements: First, the zero-copy transport mechanism is integrated into the developer-friendly rclcpp API. Zero-copy transport is essential for low-latency low-memory-use processing of large sensor data such as camera, radar, and lidar. Second, the system monitor is able to detect and report on any lost message samples, essential to ensure a deterministic design. Third, memory management improvements include our memory pool based allocator with tools to analyze allocations, better allocator performance, deallocation times, and the ability to use a frugal allocator. Developers using modern C++ will hugely appreciate these memory management features to enable real-time performance!

In addition, we added support for QNX OS for Safety 2.2 on the Renesas R-Car V3H SoC, a popular automotive computing platform. This release will also form the base for the first ISO 26262 certified release of Apex.OS*.

Finally, we have added a number of articles on topics such as choosing a memory allocator, system troubleshooting, performance testing to simulate real sensor data traffic, migrating to a memory-static middleware, among other topics. Our customers find our extensive documentation very useful, and we are sure that you will, too.

We are proud to be pioneering a path from rapid prototyping to safety-critical production. Reach out to us if a real-time, safety-certified, ROS-compatible software framework can accelerate your work!

We are also growing our team worldwide. Please see open positions on our careers page.

*As of January 2023 we renamed our products: Apex.Grace was formerly known as Apex.OS, and Apex.Ida was formerly known as Apex.Middleware.



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