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  • Christopher Ho

Apex.Autonomy 1.2 Release

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

We released Apex.Autonomy 1.2.0 to our customers. Apex.Autonomy is a set of certifiable building blocks for creating autonomy applications. Apex.Autonomy is now being offered also independently of Apex.OS.

This Apex.Autonomy release adds in several significant new features that were requested by our customers, as well as many improvements to the software and the documentation. Specifically, this release adds the functionality needed to execute the replay of trajectories, as showcased in this video.

The video shows Apex.OS, Apex.Autonomy lidar object detection (but no tracking and classification), plus MPC controller, a replay planner, and an object collision estimator. The data is generated by the LGSVL simulator.

The newly included algorithms comprise of an MPC controller, a replay planner, and an object collision estimator; these new algorithms complement the previously released LiDAR-based object detection stack. The Apex.Autonomy 1.2.0 release can be validated out-of-the-box with the LGSVL simulator.

Reach out to us if real-time, safety-certifiable, ROS-compatible autonomy software can accelerate your work.



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