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Apex.AI joins Eclipse Foundation

Apex.AI is excited to partner with like-minded organizations who want to realize safe and affordable self-driving cars through modular and interoperable technologies. To further that goal, we joined the Eclipse Foundation as a contributing member.

Our focus will be on projects that relate to autonomous driving, and the broader robotics community in general. For example, Apex.AI employees have contributed to iceoryx, a project that we will continue to support. Iceoryx is a middleware optimized for fast transport of large data, a common need in automotive software.

We already work with several of the Eclipse Foundation members collaboratively, and this membership will allow us to formalize many of our open-source activities.

We are certain that multiple Eclipse projects will benefit from our insights coming from automotive and robotic software development. We hope to contribute to all such Eclipse projects in the future.

Sanjay Krishnan

VP of Product




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