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Apex.AI Goes International

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

This California Bear has discovered his love for Bavarian Brezen

“Silicon Valley is a mindset, not a location” said Reid Hofman. We agree. That’s why we started Apex.AI in Palo Alto.

We have expanded to Europe and opened an office in Munich, Germany! Apex.AI GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Apex.AI, Inc. and is based in the Munich Technology Center (MTZ).

“Munich offers the ideal geographic location for us to access business partners, customers, and universities in Germany and beyond” says Dejan, our CTO, who worked at TU Munich’s Intelligent Autonomous Systems lab developing ROS applications for many years. Munich has developed into the mobility tech hub in Europe with a massive corporate presence of tech and non-tech companies and a blooming start up scene as well as a top university. 

The team in Munich is working tightly integrated with the engineers in our Palo Alto headquarters developing Apex.OS* and Apex.Autonomy. We are hiring actively in Munich for several positions in C++ software development, software QA, robotic perception. In addition, the support team for our European customers will be based in Munich and we are hiring application engineers.  

Stay tuned.


*As of January 2023 we renamed our products: Apex.Grace was formerly known as Apex.OS, and Apex.Ida was formerly known as Apex.Middleware.



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