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ROS 2 Executor: How to make it efficient,
real-time and deterministic?


The power of ROS as a software framework is evident in its application area from feather-weight drones to vacuum cleaners to autonomous driving trucks. While a consolidation with flexible abstraction layers in the area of communication middleware has already been achieved, we are currently seeing a lot of activity when it comes to tweaking the execution of ROS nodes for the individual use cases. In this workshop you will get deep insights into the latest developments in the community dealing with efficiency, real-time and determinism. An open-source reference system will be introduced that enables participants to gain practical experience.  


Intended audience are all ROS users and developers that are interested in how software written with ROS is executed on the operating system and hardware, especially the ones who want to use ROS 2 in systems where they have to deal with resource constraints and real-time requirements. 





Agenda 10 AM - 2 PM CST

10.00 Motivation (Michael) 

10.10 Current status of executor in ROS 2 Galactic (William) 

10.30 Introduction to the reference system (Evan) 

10.40 Tracing the reference system (Christophe)

11.00 Tune the system for real-time (Andrei)

11.20 Callback groups executor (Ralph) 

11.40 Event executor (Alberto) 

12.00 Break - 10 min

12.10 PiCAS executor (Hyunjong) 

12.30 RCLC executor (Jan) 

12.50 Lock-free ROS 2 executor: A ring-buffer to rule them all (Pablo)

1.10 Executor with wait-set and polling subscription (Michael) 

1.30 Panel discussion (all)

2.00 End of workshop

Date: Tuesday, October 19, 2021