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AWF Course Feedback

Self-Driving Cars

with ROS and Autoware

Thank you for participating in the course.

Please take a moment to complete this brief, feedback survey.

Your comments are very much appreciated. 

1 - The lectures delivered the information I expected to receive.
2 - The subject matter was presented effectively.
3 - Have you been able to fork and start the Autoware.Auto repo?
4 - Would you be willing to become an Autoware contributor? If so, how many hours per week could you contribute?
5 - Would you be open to using commercial products from companies like Apex.AI based on open source software presented in the course?
6 - Would you be open to receive job offers from the companies who presented the lectures?
7 - Would you be interested in becoming a full-time autonomous system developer?
9 - What's the type of your company/ organization?
10 - Is your company/ organization a start-up?
11 - What autonomous vehicle type do you target?
12 - What is your target use case?
13 - What level of autonomy do you plan?
14 - Do you have any reference compute platform for your R&D and target embedded ECU for your target?
15 - Do you develop your own software or use 3rd party?
16 - Are you interested more in research or do you have production plan?

Thank you for taking the feedback survey.

Thanks for submitting!

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