High-performance data transport.

  • Based on the integration of Eclipse Cyclone DDS™ and Eclipse iceoryx™, both are available as open-source and proven in automotive and mission-critical distributed systems

  • Highly efficient zero-copy feature based on Eclipse iceoryx

  • Highly robust implementation and performant network communication based on Eclipse Cyclone DDS

  • Highly optimized integration with Apex.OS®

  • Available as standalone product

Startup Development Team


  • Complete and integrated solution for both intra- and inter-ECU communication

  • Already integrated into common frameworks such as ROS 2, Apex.OS®, AUTOSAR Adaptive. Simple to integrate into custom frameworks

  • Support for DDS and SOME/IP, today's most relevant protocols for automotive ethernet

  • Support of publish/subscribe and request/response communication

  • Capable to handle large amounts of data efficiently, satisfying the data transport requirements of driver assistance and automated driving applications 

  • High-performance communication with low runtime consumption

  • Communication discovery to support modern Service-Oriented-Architectures

  • Safety certification according to ISO 26262

  • Large set of Quality of Service (QoS) features

  • Efficient bridging to network protocols like MQTT, AMQP, OPC-UA, Eclipse Zenoh 

Apex.Middleware serves all applications from power train over ADAS to automated driving

Apex.Middleware is optimized for lowest and data-amount-independent latency for inter-process-communication on a single SOC




  • Eclipse Cyclone DDS

  • Eclipse iceoryx




  • Integrated with Apex.OS Cert

  • Interoperable with AUTOSAR Adaptive (ara::com and SOME/IP)

  • DDS Security

  • Automotive-grade and supported


Apex.Middleware Cert

  • Includes developer tools

  • Professionally supported

  • Safety certification according to
    ISO 26262

Available today

Later 2021

Planned 2022

Apex.Middleware is framework and application agnostic


Data Transport 


Kernel, Scheduler, Driver 



3rd party RTOS 


Customer Framework 


3rd party RTOS



3rd party RTOS


Algorithms and Functions

Customer Application

Customer Application

Customer Application

AUTOSAR Adaptive

The core of Apex.Middleware is Cyclone DDS and iceoryx

Eclipse Cyclone DDS™

Network generation DDS architecture

Efficient inter-SOC communication, designed to handle automotive use cases

Actively developed by ADLINK, with contributions from Apex.AI and the community

The default middleware for ROS 2 Galactic

The default middleware for Autoware.Auto developers

Currently being made feature complete for automotive use cases

Bindings for C, C++, Python, Rust

Eclipse iceoryx™

Inter-Process-Communication based on shared memory

Zero-copy intra-SOC communication, designed to handle GBytes/sec data transfer within ADAS and AD ECUs

Actively developed by Bosch, Apex.AI and community

Used in ROS 2, Cyclone DDS, eCAL by Continental, RTA-VRTE by ETAS

Currently being integrated into Cyclone DDS

Bindings for C, C++



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