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Apex.AI appoints CBO — The First CBO in the Autonomous Mobility Industry

Apex.AI is proud to appoint the first CBO in the autonomous mobility industry.

The CBO oversees sourcing of raw materials, supplier relations and logistic from the supplier to our manufacturing site. He is also personally responsible for manufacturing at Apex.AI.

“We think that the CBO is critical not only to Apex.AI’s success, but also to the success of the whole industry.“

says Rayfe Gaspar-Asaoka, investor at Canaan and Director on the board of Apex.AI.

Therefore we have today created the Chief Barista Officer position at Apex.AI.

The procurement team at Apex.AI sources green beans directly from the manufacturer. Our team travels to Colombia to source only the highest quality raw materials . Beans are carried in small individual packages to our headquarter by trusted embassadors.

The CBO then personally conducts the roasting process to obtain the freshest roast possible. Hand delivered to the headquarter, just-in-time grinding of the beans ensures highest quality of the end product. In addition, the CBO is the filter for any issues that may be brewing, as well as in charge of the ongoing hot topics, and the day-to-day operations grind.

“We are convinced that the creation of this new position provides an energy boost to Apex.AI as well as the industry as a whole” says Jan Becker, newly appointed CBO at Apex.AI, Inc.

Stay tuned.


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