Safe and certified software
for autonomous mobility.

What is Apex.OS

Apex.OS is a certified software framework and SDK for autonomous systems that enable software developers to write safe and certified autonomous driving applications compatible with ROS 2.

Apex.OS abstracts middleware, OS, hardware

interfaces into simple to use and ROS-compatible API’s.

Enables you to build

certifiable applications

Certified to the highest level of the automotive

safety standard ISO 26262 (ASIL D).

ROS 2 compatible SDK

Compatible to the well-known open-source standard ROS 2.

Integrated with AUTOSAR Adaptive  

Integration with automotive industry-standard AUTOSAR Adaptive is in the works.

What is Apex.OS providing?




Software frameworks enable modern modular software development.

ROS (Robot Operating System) is the pre-dominantly used software framework for robotics and autonomous driving.

ROS is open-source with open API’s. 

ROS is great for prototyping. 

ROS software does not run in realtime.


ROS is not sufficient for use

in safety-critical products. 

ROS-based software is not certifiable. 

We take ROS from an open-source framework to a commercial, supported, and certified product based on open APIs: Apex.OS

How Apex.OS can help you

Increase your efficiency.
Simplify your development process.



Prototyping in ROS can directly transition to product development

+ Simplified workflows

+ Much faster and cheaper to market 

ROS APIs and toolchain can be reused

+ Employees knowing ROS do not need
   to be retrained 

+ Faster and cheaper to market

+ Easier to find qualified employees  

+ Makes you more attractive to candidates


ROS-based code can be certified

+ Much faster and cheaper to safety-certified


Abstraction of underlying hardware, middleware, RTOS, and dependencies into simple-to-use APIs

+ Real-time and embedded applications

   can be developed much easier

+ Addresses the shortage of experts;

   easier to find  suitable employees 

+ Removes hardware, middleware,

   and RTOS vendor lock-in

Apex.OS is available as a plug-in-replacement for ROS or white-labeled and integrated

into OEM or Tier 1 operating systems.


Let’s discuss how

we can help to pave your road

to commercialization  

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