Safe and certified software
for autonomous mobility.


Apex.OS is a software framework for autonomous systems development – from passenger vehicles, trucks, construction equipment over robots to drones and planes.

Apex.OS is being certified according to the automotive functional safety standard ISO 26262 as a Safety Element out of Context (SEooC) up to ASIL D.

Apex.OS simplifies application development. Apex.OS enables you to build software that scales massively, deploys to embedded applications, works in real-time and deterministically, and is functionally safe and certifiable.

Core Expertise

We work at the intersection of automotive embedded software, robotics algorithms, modern software engineering and functional safety. 



Functional Safety




How Apex.OS can help you

Increase your efficiency.
Simplify your development process.
Reduce your development costs. 
Save money. 



Prototyping in ROS can directly transition to product development

+ Simplified workflows

+ Much faster and cheaper to market 

ROS APIs and toolchain can be reused

+ Employees knowing ROS do not need
   to be retrained 

+ Faster and cheaper to market

+ Easier to find qualified employees  

+ Makes you more attractive to candidates


ROS-based code can be certified

+ Much faster and cheaper to safety-certified


Abstraction of underlying hardware, middleware, RTOS, and dependencies into simple-to-use APIs

+ Real-time and embedded applications can be     

   developed much easier

+ Addresses the shortage of experts;

   easier to find suitable employees 

+ Removes hardware, middleware,

   and RTOS vendor lock-in

Apex.OS can be used

as a plug-in-replacement for ROS or

white-labeled and integrated into OEM/Tier 1 operating systems.


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